Against the Gods by Peter Bernstein

I read this book back in January ’19.

It discusses the subject of risk! Are we all the victims of circumstances? Or are we deciding our destiny?

Peter Bernstein in this remarkable story of risk, lists out how mankind has been reacting to newer tools to manage risk. How insurance, futures and options are controlling risk and are they really controlling it?

Everyone from politicians, scientists, poker players and investors are exposed to risks but how to find out the odds that are in favor. How to judge the best Risk : Reward ratio for trades.

The answer lies in mathematics, probability and numbers.

It is really a good read for someone who is looking for answers on risk, life and luck. It will surely help improve your temperament in the markets and you would be able to better judge the risk involved.

I really recommend this book to anyone who is amidst his/her investing journey.

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