The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

I came across this book in my 2nd year. And yes, it has rightly been said as the greatest book on investing until now.

But you need to have your basics clear to read this book and then your potential is limitless.

It is more of a behavioral type than the analysis type. And of course, we all know that “financial experts” are not the richest in the world. Richest have the right temperament while investing.

Omnibulls also focus a great deal on developing the psychological part of our attendees so that they can also avoid silly mistakes.

The book highlights two important concept of Mr. Market and Margin of Safety to become proficient in value investing.

Graham’s disciple Warren Buffett made his fortune by following value investing and is now among the richest on the planet.

I highly recommend you to first understand some basics and then grab this book. It is bound to change your thinking pattern.

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