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Omni Algo for Bank Nifty

We at Omnibulls have developed algos for different kinds of market situations. You can subscribe to them according to your trading style and risk appetite. Until June 2023, only Bank Nifty directional algo is available for subscription. Details are mentioned below.

Algo Statistics.

We will be focusing on generating consistent profit with minimum drawdown so that our client’s psychology remains intact and it also helps develop confidence in the algo. Best returns are generated on Wednesday and Thursday. We will soon introduce FINNIFTY expiry algo as well. So, that we trade for 3 days a week and then new algo for Monday and Friday will also be introduced.

Image on right displays the stats for the Bank Nifty that was deployed only on Wednesday and Thursday from 1 Jan 2017 till 31 Jan 2023.

Monthly PNL Numbers of Algo.

Image on the right shows the realistic numbers that one can expect to achieve using one lot while running the algo for only 2 days a week. These numbers will grow when we will introduce FINNIFTY expiry algo sooner.

Care has been taken to keep the drawdowns as low as possible that you can confidently deploy bigger capital as well. As a risk management measure, we suggest you deploy with Rs 2 Lacs per lot.

High performance BN Algo.

This algo takes multiple trades in a day to capture for both trending + sideways market and reducing the drawdown.

So, open the IIFL Account now and start using the algo.

Once you have opened the account; send your name, phone number and client user ID on WhatsApp at +91 9310 33 5089.

If you have any other issues, you can WhatsApp us at +91 9310 33 5089



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