Why should you start early?

Since, I love storytelling. Here’s another one.

Let’s listen to an interesting story of wealth building.

There were 2 friends- Ram and Shyam.

Both of them graduated from the same college, at the same time, at same age of 22 and worked in the same firm at same salary.

At the age 25, Ram grew more cautious of his money, thought about his future, his marriage and children. He thus planned to save Rs 5,000 per month and started a monthly SIP of Rs 5000.

Shyam was a lavish spender. He didn’t started SIP. However, he started investing in the same SIP at the age 40 but started a SIP of Rs 15,000 which is three times more the amount invested by Ram per month.

Let’s see the result at the age 60.

Total Investment: Rs 21 Lacs, Total Return: Rs 5.7 Crores

Total Investment: Rs 36 Lacs, Total Return: Rs 1.99 Crores

Ram’s return is approximately 3 times that of Shyam, even though Shyam invested 3 times more than Ram.

So, what’s the point?

Time is a more essential factor than the amount of money in wealth building. A small investment compounded over time will yield astonishing returns.

That’s why it’s important to start investing early!

To Your Investment Success


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