Where to Start Investing and Trading

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For quite a time, I have been asked by many on where to start to manage personal finance and wealth.

It’s a question that has been bothering many students and young graduates.

People are not able to understand what are assets, liabilities, balance sheets, cash flow, credit score, down payments, etc. and most importantly, the practicality of the terms are missing in their life.

Hence, it becomes important to get the smell and sound of finance in life.

And I would recommend this game called Money Race 2!

It’s available on Google Play store and I am not getting any commissions or other things by sharing it.

I used to play this game in my 1st year and it can help you understand finance, active and passive income and how you should conduct yourself financially in life.

The end goal of the app is to become financially free and I am sure you will learn many many many things from this game and it’s interesting as well.

Each and every term would get cleared from this game…

Just check it out and let us know your experience…!! Start now!

To Your Investment Success


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