Yes Bank or No Bank?

Many of our attendees and non-attendees are asking about investment in Yes Bank… Yesterday it rose more than 30% i.e. from Rs 32 to 42!

Now, first of all, I want to say that don’t get greedy looking for just one rare instance of instant wealth. What you are not looking for is that it has destroyed investors’ wealth for the past 1 year.

From Rs 400 to Rs 40, that is a whopping 90% loss!

And to go back to 400 from 40, it needs to give a 1000% return which we don’t find feasible in any near time. If everything goes right, then also we believe it would take more than 6-8 years!

And yes, this is the time when traders become investors! Don’t fool yourself.

Accept the loss and move one, if you had invested. And if not invested then just enjoy the show. :p

There are more than 5000+ companies listed and you are sticking to this particular one just because media is giving it the attention.

Attendees should remember what we learned regarding these scenarios? That whenever a stock becomes darling of media and retail investors, it’s the best time to exit!

Look for wealth creators, not for wealth destroyers.

In conclusion, Yes Bank is a No Bank for short to medium term.

To Your Investment Success


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