The End of An Era – Bhaskar Bhat Steps Down as MD of Titan

The Legend!

One of the greatest wealth makers for the shareholders in India, Bhaskar Bhat has now stepped down as the Managing Director of Titan company.

To quantify his legacy, an amount of Rs 10 Lakh invested in Titan in 2002 would be around Rs 47 crores today!

An epitome of energy, intelligence, and integrity, Omnibulls wishes the man a happy retired life…

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala had bought 6 crores shares of Titan @ Rs 3 and share price is right now @ Rs 1250. He has made most of his wealth from this one particular company.

It also gives you a clue that you should go for big bets, but infrequent bets. This reflects confidence of the investor in a particular company and also saves the person from high brokerages costs that a day trader has to incur.

All Hail Titan!

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